About BoSA

Our purpose is simple

We provide a way for people to find others who share their interests by hosting social gatherings. We do whatever you can imagine – hikes, dinners, theater, museums, concerts, camping, comedy clubs, etc.

If you try to hard to define the Bears of San Antonio, you’ll miss the beauty of the concept. Just come to some of our social activities and enjoy getting to know people. If you relax and let it happen, you’ll come to appreciate the simplicity the Bears offers.


Our Organization

This is all grass roots and everyone participating is a volunteer. There are a few of us managing the flow of things and maintaining the web site and a several others helping out in other ways. We’re all volunteers doing this because it’s rewarding.


Our Agenda

We don’t have a specific agenda other than to enjoy the activities and each other’s company. We’re creating friendships by hosting activities to share our interests. We’re not about dating or business networking. Sometimes those things happen as a byproduct of having fun and enjoying each other’s company.